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So, let’s go fishing! Join D&M Charters for a real Alaskan fishing vacation. D&M has been halibut fishing Alaska waters since 1976 and chartering for the past 20 years. It is our dream to share the beauty and experience of Alaska with everyone who appreciates the great outdoors. D&M Charters has provided the avenue to do just that, and we want to invite you to partake of their warm hospitality and love of Alaska. So, what are you waiting for? LET’S GO FISHING!!

All of our captains are knowledgeable and very experienced in fishing Alaskan waters. We pride ourselves with polite and courteous deckhands. We provide all the gear, help and expertise you’ll need in order to catch your “prize”. We utilize 28’ boats equipped with all the amenities, heated cabin cruisers with private toilet facilities (which the ladies greatly appreciate) and ample space to reel in your “Kodak moment.”  Our boats also meet or exceed all current Coast Guard safety requirements.

Our season is from May 1 on, chasing barn door size halibut. Fishing Alaska, a typical catch averages between 25 to 45 lbs. with the occasional catch of 100 lbs. and up. Having fished these waters for a number of years, our captains know where to find the fish you want. Knowing how hard it is to haul in these great fish we try to keep his clients in waters that don’t exceed 95’ to 150’. Nor do we make you pay for a boat ride. Many charters take 3 hours or more to get to their fishing grounds. If nasty water comes up it’s going to take that long if not longer to get back. We go about 25 to 45 minutes out and on rare occasions maybe one hour. We don’t like long boat rides any more than you do, also the sooner you’re fishing the better chance you have of getting the fish you want to keep.

Starting in May, your fish fighting pleasure increases with the first run of salt water kings. These fish average between 30 to 45 lbs. and up, with the run lasting until around the first week of June. If catching both kings and halibut is your desire, we urge you to book early as the prime ‘tide dates’ for catching both book up fast. We also recommend that if at all possible you book at least 2, or better yet, 3 days of fishing. We do so because this is Alaska and extremes in weather do occur, making ‘blow off days’ an unlikely but common hazard of the best laid fishing plans. So, if you’ve been able to book at least 2 or 3 days of fishing, then your odds of getting out on the water are better than good!
In the unlikely event that you should get ‘blown off’ the water and cannot go after halibut, fishing Kenai or the Kasilof Rivers is a great alternative. D&M can set you up with an enjoyable side trip to go after some great salmon, dolly varden, or other native species fishing. It’s a standing rule for D&M Charters to offer these alternate fishing excursions when our clients get ‘blown off’ the water due to bad weather. Our goal is for our clients to have a great time and if you’re the diehard angler(s) we know that you recognize that any fishing is better than no fishing. So rest assured, fishing the Kenai or Kasilof is World Class fishing at its best. No matter what, an Alaska fishing vacation with D&M Charters guarantees you’ll have a great time.

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Many charters make you keep whatever you reel in. We pride ourselves in not making our clients keep anything they don’t want. Just remember that as the day draws to a close, you may end up keeping fish smaller than you threw back hours ago. I’m happy to say the majority of our clients are quite pleased with their catch. We know you will be too.

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